What is your passion? February 27, 2012

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Ten years ago, Terri & I decided that we wanted to give back to our community.  After researching a number of charitable organizations, we selected Make-A-Wish.  Starting in 2002, we made a monetary contribution after every closing, always in the name of our client.  Over the course of the past 10 years, we have been fortunate enough to send over $75,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northern Illinois.  We have granted wishes for computer systems, new puppies, shopping sprees, meetings with renown athletes and singers, and more trips to Disney than we can count.  Even better, we have had the chance to meet some of these remarkable children and their amazing families. I am not saying this to brag.  Or to get praise for doing a good job.  Or pats on the back.  I am saying this to demonstrate my passion about this fabulous organization.  Our wish children have touched our hearts.  Their stories can bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face, all at the same time.  I still get choked up when I think back to a Make-A-Wish Ball (their major annual fundraiser) that Steve and attended a few years ago, at Union Station.  The guest speaker was Ollie’s mom.  Ollie was a little boy who lost his couragous battle with cancer.  His wish was to be a train.  Not to drive one.  Not to ride one.  But to be one.  Make-A-Wish worked with Metra to make Ollie a conductor for a day.  He sat with the engineer and dressed the part.  However, the night of the Wish Ball, Metra made Ollie’s real wish come true.  We all walked from the Grand Hall to the trains.  And there was a great big new shiny engine – named Ollie.  And there we stood.  Adults dressed for a black tie affair.  And there wasn’t a dry eye in the station.  Ollie was a train!  I still catch myself looking at the engine of every Metra train I see, hoping it is going to be Ollie…

This past December, we had a health scare when my 12 year-old son was diagnosed with a tumor in his leg.  It was less than 30 days from the diagnosis to the surgery, followed by the welcomed benign biopsy results.  December is still a blur.  Sleepless nights, trying to stay positive while fear kept creeping in, the “what-ifs” that would not go away, the complete lack of control and inability to protect my child.  The not-so-subtle message that sometimes our priorities get a bit out of whack.  The realization that as long as my children are healthy – nothing else really matters.  I am fortunate to have a once-again healthy child.  I wish nothing short of the same for little Connor and his family.  Make sure to read his story by clicking on the link below.  Make sure to follow your passion


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  1. Josephine Alongi Cosmetics Says:

    Oh my, what an Ollie story! Big tears over here!

    Beautifully told.

    Congrats on your HUGH commitment. One day, you realize your “small” commitment has added up to a whole lotta dollars. And a lotta dreams realized. A small price to pay to give a Dream to a child who will never fulfill the dreams that most of us are allowed to fulfill in a life lived through adulthood.

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